PAGERIS® Dispensers

Our dispensers are a price-oriented solution to apply PU foams, pasty materials, glue and more.

Straw dispenser

  • Reliable and handy design

  • Easy to put on and reuse

  • Fastening to lid and caps

Our straw dispensers are available in different colors and different lengths.

Vertical dispenser

  • Patented dosing mechanism for optimal results

  • Easy to put on and reuse

  • Securing for transport and unintentional operation

Our vertical dispenser sets new standards for precise and safe working.

Glue dispenser

  • Precise dosing

  • Easy to put on and reuse

  • Fastening to lid and caps

Our glue dispensers enable precise work for flawless results.

Spray nozzles

  • Reliable and handy design

  • Intuitive application

  • Mounting directly on valve

Our spray nozzles allow easy application of cleaners and low viscosity media.

Fields of application for our dispensers

Polyurethane foams

PU glues and adhesives


Cleaners and lubricants

Technical aerosols, etc.

Your products – Our solutions!

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the right product for your application.


Here you will find and overview of possible product combinations.

Aerosol technology overview



Dispensers overview