Item no. 10003710 / black
700mm nozzle tube
Aluminum adapter

Pageris P20L

  • The original since 1981

  • Professional tool for the demanding environment of the construction industry

  • Use of high quality materials and coated surfaces

  • Anti-adhesive coating of adapters, 700mm stainless steel nozzle tube

  • Precision manufacturing and 100% quality control

  • System compatibility and safe handling


In 1981, we were the first company to successfully introduce the combination of a PU aerosol can on a hand tool to the market as part of an innovative invention. Since then, this concept and our products have been continuously optimized.

The unique selling points of our products include, in particular, their long-term proven quality and reliability. We attach great importance to the choice of sustainable materials and manufacturing solutions.

Precisely manufactured components, high-quality seals and the proven lightweight construction for ergonomic working are the distinguishing features of our products.

All material-carrying internal parts are designed to prevent hardening and reusability. Heavily stressed parts are made of materials that are specially considered in terms of impact strength and mechanical strength values.

Last but not least, we place great emphasis on sustainability in the design of our products. This results in products that have long-term reusability, are recyclable and are made from recycled materials.