Item no. 10004356 / GFS stem natural / higher flow rate
Item no. 10004299 / GFS stem red / medium flow rate


  • Lower permeability and pressure loss compared to elastomer valves

  • High system safety and chemical resistance

  • Maximum residual drainage and reusability due to better gas tightness

  • Long and position-independent shelf life

  • Innovative design, inhouse development and production


Due to the limitations of commercially available aerosol valves, the Pageris solid-plastic valve was developed in-house. This innovative pioneering work has resulted in products with unrivaled and long-term proven performance.

The unique selling points of our valves include, in particular, long-term proven quality and reliability. This enables our customers to fill their products efficiently and safely.

Precision-manufactured components and sealing surfaces, a wide range of process-based quality and function controls, and application-oriented product range extensions are the hallmarks of our valve manufacturing.

Last but not least, we attach great importance to the aspect of sustainability in the design of our products. A gas-tight valve system, combined with long and position-independent storability, maximizes customer benefit in terms of reusability and yield of foams and adhesives used.