Item no. 10004576 / black
Item no. 10003875 / red
Item no. 1000527 / blue

Straw dispenser

  • Inexpensive and reusable solution for the application of PU foam

  • Solid construction for use with our GFS threaded valves

  • In-house production with 100% product testing

  • 180mm plastic tube with closure plug on adapter

  • Retaining notch for attachment to caps and lids


Dispensers are used when a cost-efficient solution for defined tasks makes sense. For daily construction work or for repeated applications that require the highest possible precision, we recommend the use of our foam guns.

Our dispensers are characterized by a deliberate design for stability and user benefit. With these criteria in mind, the most suitable materials are used. In combination with the unique and extremely stable mounting directly in the valve, our system solution sets itself apart from other options.

Every single Pageris® straw dispenser is tested in production to ensure proper function. We attach great importance to the sustainability aspect, not least through the reusability of our products and the recycling of any non-compliant parts.